Amanda Caitlyn Burton

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My academic success

CIMS 170  Computer Applications
CMSC 121 Intro Computer Science    
ENGL 203  American Literature
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology
ACCT 296 Legal Environment
ECON 217 Principals of Econ(Micro Emphasis)
ACCT 240 Principles of Accounting I
ECON 218 Principals Econ(Macro Emphasis)
MANG 275 Business Statistics
MANG 291 Business Communication

Entering college with 12 earned credits from high school, I have had the opportunity to excel by taking a broad range of courses. Through my academic training, I have acquired a firm understanding of business practices and the business applications of computers. From my broad course load I have developed understanding and been introduced to subjects from computer science and communications to the behavior of people.

Longwood University

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Awaited Graduation   May 2013