Amanda Caitlyn Burton

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I have always been exposed to the importance of goal setting in order to achieve happiness, wealth or just well-being. My dad always told me; start with a goal. Goals are groundbreaking for the first step in becoming successful. I'm so fortunate I was exposed to this early on because now is the time in my life where goal setting is most important. I can control the direction of my life and gain confidence in moving forward to accomplishing my goals, short term and long term.

My motivation for the future

 I will achieve success by...

  1. Concentrating on the growth of myself as an individual and a professional so I am capable of adding growth to a company or organization
  2. Obtaining a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Management and a minor in Communications
  3. Accumulating experience such as learning about the cultures of different countries, meeting new people and becoming familiarized with different traditions worldwide.
  4. Continually upgrading my knowledge and resources to grow as a professional
  5. Earning my masters degree in Business Management.
  6. Becoming a well known business professional utilizing my skills to make the business world more capable of accomplishment 


"Goals represent expectations, hopes and dreams, and to the extent our goals are achieved, we are successful."

-Bettie B. Youngs